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As long as your browser supports forms submission, you may place your order RIGHT NOW while on line. The process is convenient, fast and secure to protect your personal infromation. You send us your order, we acknowledge receipt, process your payment and send you further instructions. It's that simple !!

Each type of service requires different information so you'll have to choose the order form for the service you need. You may place orders for more than one type of service by returning here to choose another form. After each order you will be sent to the payment processing center. To continue ordering before payment, simply use your "BACK" button to return here.

Accepting credit cards increases the costs you're charged. We, therefore, only accept payment via check or money order. You may place you order online and will gladly process your check either online or via fax. Of course, you may also place your order online then send us a check or money order by snail mail (post office).

If you'd prefer to mail, phone or fax us your order, please print this form. Use the information below to send the order to Simplex Services. Anyway you wish is fine on this end. As soon as your order and payment are processed, you will receive further instructions immediately.

Postal Mail: Simplex Services, POB 36, Niverville, NY 12130


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