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Web Design Services

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Simplex Services can offer your organization complete Internet design solutions. You'll find they start with a simple billboard type web page to a full featured sophisticated domain website including FTP storage, autoresponders, database and form processing capabilities. Always striving to stay on the cutting edge of new techniques, there is a wide variety of web design and marketing services available best suited for YOUR particular needs.

In addition to the lists below, there are several web design packages available to choose from, ranging from a single home page to fully integrated commercial sites with of most of the bells and whistles. These specials are geared to save you money by giving you the opportunity to get involved with the design of your Internet presence. Making some of the creative choices saves you plenty of money while giving you a customized website.

If your business or organization has special needs for its online presence, No Problem! We can tailor an Internet solution to fit your special needs and concerns. And remember, our commitment to you doesn't have to end when your site goes online. Maintenance and monitoring services are available to keep your web site fresh and interesting!

No matter what type of presence your organization desires, Simplex Services can build the perfect Internet solution designed around YOUR needs! No more 'one size fits all' designs, give us a call or e-Mail. us today to schedule a free consultation to show you just what we can do for your business.

Basic Design Services Available

  • Consulting with the client on how to best promote their specific business
  • Initial layout of Internet Presence using storyboard and flowchart
  • HTML Conversion, Scripting, Authoring & Editing of Web Site
  • Custom Backgrounds, Buttons & Text Coloring
  • Graphic Design, Transparent Images & Image Maps
  • Image Scanning, Manipulation and Placement,
  • Interactive Forms, Tables, Multi-Window pages (Framing)
  • Counters & Guestbooks, Page Change Minders
  • Shopping Carts
  • CGI, JAVA & HTML Scripting & Programming
  • Keyword Search Index Files
  • E-mail Auto Responders
  • Domain Registration & Virtual Setup
  • E-mail Forwarding & POP Server Accounts
  • Meta Tags & Search Engine Conformity
  • Animated Images & Banner Graphics
  • Plus much more

Satisfaction Is Always Guaranteed

Extended Services Available

  • On-going Client Follow-up
  • Web Site Updating & Editing
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Registration & Servicing
  • Web Site Analysis
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning

Public Training Workshops
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Designing And Promoting A Site To Sell
Creating And Building Your Web Site
On-Site Teaching Seminars
Presence Management
Internet Advertising
How To Create HTML Documents
Internet Access & Software Training

To inquire about Public Workshops or On-Site Seminars,

Phone: (518) 784-3700    or    E-mail: workshops@simplexservices.com

Basic | Extended | Packages | Pricing | Order
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