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Special Web Design Packages

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Simplex Services strongly recommends the use of an expert Guide to assist in the planning stages of any marketing campaign. For those who have already done their homework, these bargains are for you. If you are unsure as to which package would be right for you, please submit a proposal questionnaire so we might assist you..

These specially priced packages provide a very cost effective way of starting your Internet marketing experience. The only service covered is basic Web site design and you MUST use the Online Site Creation Forms. If other services or customizations are needed, please request a proposal for the additional work. After deciding which package is needed, you must first read and agree to the Terms & Conditions. With that out of the way, all that's left is to fill out and submit your request using the order form.

As soon as we process your order, we'll send you the URL address of the online site creation form you will use to submit the information and design you'd like for each web page in the package. You will be able to choose different page layouts, backgrounds, colors, graphics and even buttons & bars. Using this information, your web site will soon be completed and up on the Web for the world to see.

It's that easy !!!

Once the project is finished, all programmed documents & material are yours to keep and use forever. By making simple modifications, they can continue to form the basis of your future marketing endeavors.

Remember, these packages DO NOT INCLUDE storage space. If you need a place to house your web site, we highly recommend taking a look at our web hosting services. 

Basic Home Page - $97

The basic home page is a fully featured single page presence. It is the electronic equivalent of a color Billboard ad (but at a fraction of the cost). It's perfect for those who simply want to have a web page address to advertise their business.

The package includes all the basics:

  • One (1) home page document;
  • One (1) company logo or banner graphic;
  • One (1) stock button or auxiliary graphic;
  • One (1) stock background graphic (if desired);
  • E-mail link;
  • Visitor Counter (if server supports it)
  • Plus Registration of your page with 250 search engines

Starter Web Site - $397

Designed for most small business applications, the starter package offers a complete interactive Internet presence at extremely affordable prices. The starter package allows a small business to create a professionally designed web presence and then handle all maintenance and updating "in house" for big savings. The starter package is a powerful and affordable way to manage your company's entrance into the world of electronic commerce.

The package includes all the basics and more:

  • One (1) home page document
  • Up to Two (2) Product/Services or other pages
  • One (1) Feedback or Questionnaire or Order Form document
  • One (1) company logo or banner graphic;
  • Three (3) photos, images or clipart graphics scanned;
  • Stock colors, backgrounds & buttons to fit your image;
  • E-mail link per page;
  • Five (5) document links per page;
  • Visitor Counter (if server supports it)
  • Plus Registration of your home page with 250 search engines

Advanced Web Site - $897         Save $$ See below

The Advanced package is for a larger, more aggressive web presence.  It's designed to take full advantage of the advanced programming features offered in Simplex Services IPP Web Hosting Plan.  As a matter of fact, your server will have to be able to handle such things as the shopping cart, free-for-all-links page, multiple visitor counters and the special programming needed to let the visitor search your website.

The package includes all the basics and more:

  • One (1) home page document;
  • Up to Seven (7) Product/Services or other pages;
  • One (1) Single Page Shopping Cart (server must support);
  • One (1) Feedback or Questionnaire;
  • One (1) Custom Search page (server must support);
  • One (1) GuestBook (can be substituted with extra page);
  • One (1) Free-For-All-Links page (server must support);
  • One (1) company logo or banner graphic;
  • Six (6) photos, images or clipart graphics scanned;
  • Custom backgrounds, buttons and image maps;
  • E-mail link & Document links per page as needed;
  • Document links per page as needed;
  • Visitor Counters for each page (if server supports it)
  • Plus Registration of your ENTIRE SITE with 250 search engines

!! Purchase the 1 Year Prepaid IPP Web Hosting and
Save $97 on the Advanced Web Design Package !!

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