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Simplex Services has very competitive prices and offers hourly, contract and packaged price schedules. All of our options are available to businesses in all Internet jurisdictions where the English language is commonly used. A short initial complimentary consultation is offered via phone, email or in person in an effort to determine if Internet marketing is right for your company.

It is difficult to establish a basic pricing structure for individual and custom needs however, you may use the prices given as a general yardstick. Packaged prices assume the client will furnish all marketing material, graphics & text, in computer format unless otherwise specified. Image creation or manipulation and text conversion is available at additional cost.

Prices DO NOT include Server Storage. !!

Storage space and special marketing tools are available to suit your specific needs.
Please review our Web Storage and Domain Hosting Services

Hourly Rates

Service Rate Description
Marketing Consultation $50 On Site & By Phone -
Web Page Design $50 Basic html formatting, graphics & link insertion, online forms
Graphics $50 Image scanning & creation, logos, buttons, backgrounds
Text Conversion $50 Computer entry of customer text in print format
CGI & Database $80+ Pricing depends upon special services needed
Site Maintenance   See Web Site Updating
Individual Training   See Training

Contract Basis

Service Cost Details
Marketing Evaluation $300 Internet marketing feasability study, development of marketing & advertising strategy, analysis of equipment, tools & skills needed
Storage Space   See Domain Name Web Hosting
Search Engines   See Marketing Program
Site Management   See Web Site Updating
Workshop/Seminar   See Training

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