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Storage Space and Servers
Simplex Services is a reseller for two of the largest IPP's in the country.  You not only get plenty of megabytes of true storage space but it is backed up by dozens of dual processor Pentium II servers, and each system runs the highly acclaimed Apache Web Server software solution. You'll be connected to the Internet through either a T3 or DS3 back bone connection, and that means that your Web site will respond quickly and reliably to those visiting your site.
 YourName.Com - Domain Name Registration
We'll process the registration for your domain name with InterNIC! Please note that the billing for your domain name is handled through InterNIC and the fee is $70.00 for the first two years; InterNIC will send you their bill after the activation of your domain.
 Email Account
Your account comes with one POP mail box preset to your account name. Depending upon the type of account you have, you have either 4 or 99 additional POP mail boxes available for use at no additional cost. Everyone in your company can have their own private email account.
 Email Aliases
You'll be able set up email aliases! Email aliases, for example, would allow "support@yourname.com" and "info@yourname.com" to be automatically forwarded to "yourmail@yourname.com" .  Among other things, this  makes tracking where visitor responses and questions come from within your web site.
 FrontPage Extensions
Your server account will support the Microsoft FrontPage extensions, allowing you to publish changes to your Web presence, quickly and easily while fully utilizing all the benefits of the FrontPage programming!
 Anonymous FTP
You will be given space to establish an anonymous FTP site! This is handy for those who might need visitors (or clients) to be able to download files from a Web presence. 
 CGI Access
There will be your own CGI-BIN directory where you'll be able to install, manage and execute CGI programming. CGI applications could include hit counters, traffic analysis systems, guest books and even online ordering systems like sophisticated shopping carts.
 Secure Server Access
Secure Servers allow incoming and outgoing data to be encrypted, providing a secure environment for things like credit card transactions and confidential corporate communications.  You will be using the main server's security certificate at no cost to you. However, if you choose the Extended plan, and would like to purchase your own security certificate, it will be installed on your individual account for you.
 Subscribable Maillists
Standard Plan - This will allow you to give your customers a email address that they can send to and be added to your personalized maillist. This is a great way to offer your customers a monthly newsletter, sales updates or just a friendly hello. The Plusmail system is capable of multiple lists so you can organize what information your customers may be looking for, a friendly welcome message will also be sent. The lists can be up to 1000 names and you can email a message up to 75k to the lists you create.

Extended Plan - The Mailing List Manger allows you to create multiple mailing lists   from an easy to use, nice, neat & organized browser administration area with password protection. Visitors to your website can subscribe or un-subscribe to any one of your mailing lists.  Users have the ability to manage what lists they are subscribed to that you have setup. Keeping the administration needed by the list owner to a minimum.   Mailing List Manager can currently support mailings with up to 10,000 email recipients per mailing list so the program is probably able to meet your needs.

 Majordomo Listserver
Originally released by Great Circle Associates, MajorDomo has quickly become one of the most popular mailing list management programs online. This is no surprise given its ease of use, functionality, and administrative powers. One of the best features of MajorDomo is that you can create a web-searchable archive of all of your mailings to your MajorDomo list. This is a very flexible tool for interacting with your customers or clients. In simple terms its an interactive style news letter that allows all subscribers to distribute information. There are many configurable features including automatic subscribe and unsubscribe and much more. Each list can email up to 1500 mails per day.
 Unlimited Infobots
There will be an unlimited number of Infobots at your command. Infobots, sometimes referred to as auto-responders, are a handy way to provide a visitor requesting further information with an instantaneous response to their question(s) and for you to get a record of their email address!
 Traffic Statistics
Standard - Wusage 6.0 - You'll be given access to detailed traffic statistics for your Web site. Details such as where your visitors come from and what time of day they arrive, which of your pages are reviewed the most, etc. This will allow you to quickly correlate marketing strategies with increases (or decreases) in your incoming traffic!

Extended - WebTrends, WebsiteReporter, HTTP-Analyze and Website Hits Logger -
Between Webtrends and WebsiteReporter, you can know absolutely everything there is to know about visitors to your site. Where do they live and what site referred them to you? What keywords did they use in the search engines in order to find your website?

WebTrends is an extremely comprehensive all-around website statistical program. We believe WebTrends to be the best website statistics software currently available. WebTrends was awarded PC Magazine's Editor's Choice as well as ZDNet's 5-star rating, the highest rating possible. ZDNet said about WebTrends, "The WebTrends Professional Suite can tell you, in rich detail filled with on-the-fly image graphs that chart dozens of different site usage factors."

WebTrends does everything from bandwidth reports to referral information and produces rich, graphical-based HTML documents which are very easy to interpret. WebTrends will be updated on your account on a weekly basis, at various times and days of the week. If your account is new with us, it may take up to 2 weeks before your first WebTrends report is generated. Your WebTrends statistics is password protected to ensure only you and those you choose can access your website statistics.

WebsiteReporter is an extremely comprehensive, yet-simple to interpret statistical program. The program keeps extremely detailed referral information, the most important information you need to help develop a successful marketing strategy for your website. The program even tells you what keywords people are using and in what search engines in order to find your website.

HTTP-Analyze is a great website statistics program produced by RENT-A-GURU(r). HTTP-Analyze version 2.2 analyzes the logfile of your domain and creates a comprehensive summary report from the information found there. HTTP-Analyze has been optimized to process large logfiles as fast as possible. HTTP-Analyze also includes a Virtual-Reality Modeling Language graph of your website statistics which you can easily configure.

The Website Hits Logger grabs all of the information possible about everyone who visits your website and appends this information to a single webpage in reverse chronological order. This information includes the visitor's date and time, their IP address, where they were immediately before they visited your website (referred from), and the browser and operating system they were using.

 Database Access
The Web site will have MSQL2 or mySQL database access privileges. This is valuable to because it allows for advanced database functionality and interaction with online inventory systems, ordering systems, lead acquisition and much more!
Now Supporting HTML script
The Miva Engine.
Server-Side Scripting And Database ...as Easy as HTML!

The Miva Engine makes building dynamic, data driven web pages as easy as HTML. Quickly develop interactive web pages that are 100% browser independent. Miva runs on the web server, interprets the Miva tags and outputs pure HTML to the browser. You can also use Miva to output Javascript and other browser languages. Use the built-in database to easily manipulate and publish data.
WebAdverts - Extended Plan
Now you can easily keep track of people wishing to advertise on your website. WebAdverts is a reputable advertising program which allows you to create/edit/remove advertisers on your website easily. Created by Darryl Burgdorf, WebAdverts is a comprehensive system for maintaining a set of rotating banner ads on your site or for setting up a "banner exchange" between your site and others.

Features include the ability to auto-expire advertisers by number of impressions, number of click-throughs, or by date. Excellent statistics are kept for advertisers in real-time as well. Multiple "zones" can be established, allowing certain banners to appear only on certain pages. Individual passwords allow each of your advertisers to view their own advert stats (overall and daily) without viewing anyone else's.

Individual banners can be of any size and don't all have to be consistent; WebAdverts can keep track of the height and width, as well as of the ALT and link texts, for each banner individually.

Search Engine Submissions - Extended Plan
WebAnnouncer - Now you can easily submit your website to over two dozen of the most popular search engines and directories using WebAnnouncer. Search engines include Infoseek, Snap!, WebCrawler, Alta Vista, Lycos, InfoSpace, MCP's WWW Yellow Pages, Starting Poing, Whatsnew.com, Open Text Index, Excite/Magellan, LinkMoster, Northern Light, QuestFinder, What-U-Seek, and many more....

SimpleSubmit is also included, which includes some search engines WebAnnounce does not include.

CGI'S and Programs Pre-installed
Standard Plan -
  • Keyword Search - will look at all your html pages for words you enter & return all pages on a list with links
  • Guest Book - gives your visitors an opportunity to let you know they were there
  • WWW Bulletin Board- ready to run place to post public questions and responses for all to see
  • Free-For-All links page - a place where visitors can list their URL automatically
  • Graphic Counter - Counter with hit stats can be installed on each page
  • Cgiemail - Output configurable form processor
  • Formmail.cgi - Full featured form processor
  • Random text displayer - allows a rotation of phrases or quotes
  • Password Protected Directory - requires a password from visitors to access any pages contained in it
  • Single page Shopping Cart - with order form processing and tabulations
  • Click and Go - Redirection script to help navigate your pages

Extended Plan -

  • Guest Book - gives your visitors an opportunity to let you know they were there
  • WWW Bulletin Board- ready to run place to post public questions and responses for all to see
  • Free-For-All links page - a place where visitors can list their URL automatically
  • Formmail.cgi - Full featured form processor
  • Random text displayer - allows a rotation of phrases or quotes
  • Random image displayer - randomly chooses an image to be displayed 
  • Random sound player - randomly selects sound file when someone visits your website
  • Password Protected Directory - requires a password from visitors to access any pages contained in it
  • Graphic Counter - Counter with hit stats can be installed on each page with over 150 different graphical styles to choose from on a variety of backgrounds. You can easily customize your counter including setting its counter number to an initial value other than 1, and even ignore hits that come from your IP address!


  • "Ultimate Bulletin Board" is just that, giving you the administrative power, features, and control like no other bulletin board on-line
  • Excite! search will allow you to specify what files and directories are to be searchable, allowing you to create multiple search engines for various purposes. Now you can have a search engine using the same patented technology used by Excite! on your website. Rather than having the search engine parse through your files every time someone performs a search, the program instead maps files and directories you specify. When a search is performed, the search engine knows exactly what documents to return as matches without even searching through any files.The search engine will automatically map the directories and files on your account when a new index is created.


Java Chat & Conference Rooms
Standard Plan - Optional Chat rooms come standard with chat clients in six languages. Support for any other language is provided just by editing a single text file. All character sets are supported including Japanese, Hebrew and Chinese. Individuals may enter profiles and have private chat sessions, all for only $10.00/month.

Extended Plan -

J-Chat is a Java chat application which can be easily customized to conform with the design of your website. The program allows for an unlimited number of people in each room. Rooms can be created on the fly by anyone within any room.  You can setup as many J-Chat applications on your website as you wish. You can customize the background and foreground colors, the text color, size, and font as well as the color of the textarea. You can create your own banner to be displayed at the top of the chatroom with a link back to your website when clicked.

ConferenceRoom is an award-winning Java chat application and the first fully IRC compatible Chat server. Cleints can now enjoy this outstanding Java chat application with their account.

You can setup as many ConferenceRoom applications on your website as you wish. You can customize the background and foreground colors, among other features. Visitors can participate in chat via your website or they may visit your chatroom via IRC.

ConferenceRoom is the first fully functional chat server for Microsoft Windows(tm) which complies completely with the Industry standard: Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Supporting real-time, interactive chat conferencing on a web page, it allows for large communities of remote users. ConferenceRoom is written 100% in Java and is an extremely stable application. I

Real Audio & Video
Real Audio is a real time audio transmission/player system. A digital audio stream is transmitted from the server over the Internet to the destination and played immediately, rather than being stored to disk first and then played.  Real Video is also available. 

Standard Plan - The additional cost for is $10.00 per month for both.

Extended Plan - Real Audio & Video are included  PLUS RealSystem G2

With RealSystem G2, now you can deliver choreographed multimedia presentations that include audio, video, images, web pages, and text over the Internet.

RealSystem G2 is a complete streaming solution that provides the richest streaming media experience for end-users over all bandwidths. For developers, it is an open, standards-based, extensible platform for application development. For broadcasters, RealSystem is the most reliable, versatile and thoroughly tested system, that delivers the highest quality audio and video, and supports a wide variety of intranet, Internet and commerce applications. For content producers, it provides a unique set of tools and system capabilities that allow rich, Internet programming that blends multiple media types into one presentation.

One of the most appealing features of Real Networks G2 is its native data support. This allows you to stream files natively over your network. MPEG, AVI, WAV, VIVO, AIF and more can now be dropped into the RealServer's content path and streamed out over the Internet natively, not just played locally off your hard drive. Or, easily convert the files to RM format for even better Internet survivability at lower bit-rates.

E-Commerce - Extended Plan
The word "e-commerce" has become quite familiar as more and more business establish an Internet presence. It is estimated by the US Bureau of Commerce that by the year 2010, over 40% of all consumer purchases will be conducted electronically.

E-commerce is more than just "shopping carts", but includes the tools and knowledge needed in order to get potential customers to your website, a virtual storefront in the form of a shopping cart, and a merchant processor for credit card transactions.

We have spent much time going through this process so you can begin building an e-commerce solution that is tailored to your business. Our E-commerce solution includes different shopping carts and 3 different credit card processors, just the tools you need to create your e-commerce solution!

Accepting all major credit cards along with electronic checks is just as important as your on-line storefront. Without the ability to offer flexible payment options, you will be loosing out on sales. Having the ability to accept credit cards is not as difficult as it seems, and there are many resources on-line which will process your transactions for you even without requiring you to have a merchant account. We have included what we feel are 3 very reputable credit card processing solutions for our clients.


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