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When your web site needs more advanced programming tools than your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) can give, consider the web hosting services of an Internet Presence Provider (IPP) such as Simplex Services.

Your ISP's main job is to make sure you have the best phone connection into the Internet.  They also realize you might want  web pages so most ISP's make storage space available for basic web sites.  Some even offer a few advanced tools (see below) to help you make your site more interactive.  For most organizations or individuals just starting out online, this is usually enough. 

However, you'll need an IPP when you're ready to move up to more sophisticated interactive sites requiring special features.  An IPP offers advanced tools which allow you to use integrated programming on your web pages.   IPPs give you the ability to add such things as:

When you're ready for more, let Simplex Services be your IPP!

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Compare The Services

Your Access Provider (ISP) Web Server Hosting Features Simplex Services (IPP)
Standard Plan
Simplex Services (IPP)
Extended Plan
$14.95 - $39.95 /mo. (unlimited)
some charge higher for business use
Internet Phone Dial-up Access N/A (you still need phone access) N/A (you still need phone access)
Internet URL
Email Address
$25 - $100 Set-up Fees
$14 - $ 40 /mo. Service Fees
Domain Name Registration & Hosting Included -No Extra Charge
Does not include InterNic fees
Included -No Extra Charge
Does not include InterNic fees
1 MB - Unlimited data transfer /mo. Site Traffic 1 gig/month * read 8 gig/month  * read
1 MB - 10 MB Storage (may cost extra) Disk Space 100 MB Storage 350 MB Storage
Ftp/Telnet - if Available Storage Site Access 24 Hour Ftp/FrontPage 24 Hour Ftp/FP/Telnet
One (1) w/extras at $2-$10 /mo. each POP Email Account 5 100
If available - $25-$100 /mo. Secure Server Access Yes Yes 
N/A Anonymous FTP Yes Yes
If available - $5-$20 /mo. Web Page Access Stats Wusage-no charge
Referrer logs - $5/mo
HTTP Analyze, Website Reporter
Webtrends, Website Hits Logger
If available - $5-$20 /mo. Email Aliases Unlimited Unlimited
Not usually available Maillists 1 Subscribable Unlimited Subscribable
Not usually available Infobots Unlimited Unlimited
Not usually available Majordomo Listservers $15/mo. Additional Unlimited
Not usually available Cgi-bin Server Yes w/many pre-installed scripts Yes w/many pre-installed scripts
If installed - $0 - $10 /mo. FrontPage Yes Yes
N/A Passworded Directories Yes Yes
N/A Shopping Cart Single Page Shopping Cart Complete E-Commerce Solutions
Yes Page Counter Text & graphical counters Text & graphical counters
N/A Site Search Simple Site Search Excite! Search
If available - $10-$25 /mo. Real Audio/Video $10 /mo. Additional  Yes plus RealSystem G2
N/A Java Chat $10 /mo. Additional Unlimited
N/A Database Access MSQL MySQL
If available - $5-$15 /mo. HTMLScript Yes Yes plus Miva Mia
N/A Conference Room No Unlimited IRC compatible Chatrms
N/A WebAdverts No Advertising & Banner Rotation
N/A Web Announcer No Search Engine submission script
N/A Ultimate BB Matt's WWWBoard   installed Advanced Bulletin Board
Maybe Online Help Manual Specific Instructions


IPP Web Hosting Fees

These are additional charges over and above what your ISP charges you.   You'll still need your local ISP for your phone connection into the Internet, however, you may be able to reduce their monthly charge. 

By upgrading to Simplex Services as your IPP, you may no longer need to pay for duplicate services your local ISP offers.   Therefore, you may want to switch the type of account you have. For instance, most ISPs offer a basic unlimited account for those who simply want to "tour the Net" and another for those who need storage space for web pages they wish to post.  The first is usually cheaper and is all you'd need once you upgrade to IPP hosting by Simplex Services

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Web Hosting Options Standard Plan Extended Plan
1 Year Pre-Paid $360 + $50 Setup 
($410 Due at sign up)
$480 + $50 Setup
($530 Due at sign up)
6 Months Pre-Paid $204 + $50 Setup
  ($254 Due at sign up)
$276 + $50 Setup 
($326 Due at sign up)
3 Months Pre-Paid $111 + $50 Setup 
($161 Due at sign up)
$150 + $50 Setup 
($200 Due at sign up)

* Does not include any Domain Fees which InterNic bills separately

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