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Simplex Services always designs an Internet Presence with the client in mind. In every web page created is placed special coding to enable easy editing of the document. It is our intent to make marketing online as profitable as possible for you. With this in mind, we strongly encourage you, or your representatives, to become skilled at making simple changes to the web site themselves. But, for those would prefer to have someone else in charge of there Internet advertising, we also offer a website updating and maintenance service.

With each web site created, it is usually recommended you also schedule a personalized training session on how to maintain and manage your new online image. A personalized session gives detailed instructions on the needs of your particular site. Depending upon the computer skills of the trainee(s) and the complexity of the web site, this could take from 1-4 hours. For a more accurate estimate, please submit a Request Form

Teaching Topics

Public Training Workshops
Online Business Basics
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Designing And Promoting A Site To Sell
Creating And Building Your Web Site
On-Site Teaching
Presence Management
Internet Advertising
How To Create HTML Documents
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To inquire about Public Workshops or On-Site Seminars,
Phone: (518) 784-3700    or    E-mail: workshops@simplexservices.com

Pricing of Training Services

In general, the standard pricing of $50 per hour is charged for individual on-site and telephone training sessions. Hourly charges for local on-site training will include travel time to and from your offices. If extended travel is necessary, you will be required to prepay for travel expenses and be responsible for hotel reservations and charges.

On-site private group training seminars are priced at $500 per day plus expenses as explained above.

Public Seminars vary in price from Free for the 2 hour "Online Business Basics" class to $300 per person for the 2 day "Creating And Building Your Web Site" class.

For more information about schedules and pricing please send Request Form or phone (518) 784-3700.

To Order Personalized Training, please submit an appointment form or call (518) 784-3700


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