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Many of our clients have made it perfectly clear they're not interested in managing their Internet advertising. For businesses and organizations who do not want to be personally involved in maintaining their online marketing presence...

Simplex Services will do it for them!

You can now put your web site in the hands of one of our qualified technicians at an affordable price. It was quite a task, but we have assembled an impressive group of skilled consultants each with specialized talents all waiting to become your personal account representative.

Your representative will update and maintain your web advertising to suit your special needs. No need to worry about keeping the web page information current and fresh. They will make any text editing or product revisions necessary including image scanning and insertion. They'll also keep you aware of any major marketing changes and what effect it will have on your web site and advertising stategies.

We're able to keep the price down by offering you this Updating and Maintenance Service on a retainer basis. The longer the retainer period, the more money you save. And you continue to save as your Internet presence grows. Once on retainer, your future hourly design and maintenance costs will be locked in for the duration of the retainer period. That means that any* web site re-design work can cost up to 40% LESS than our normal fees.

Now you have no excuses! Isn't it time you establish a truly effective online marketing presence for your company or organization?.

* Does NOT include special scripting or programming services such as shopping carts, database searches, cgi, etc. Does include normal html and graphic designs and email forms.

Retainer Price Structure

Length Services Included Cost
3 Months 2 hours of monthly web site modifications.
Each additional hour of design services billed at $47 for the length of the retainer period. 6% OFF our normal fee!
1 Month 2 hours of monthly web site modifications.
Each additional hour of design services billed at $65 for the length of the retainer period. 20% OFF our normal fees!


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